Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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i. General requirements

1. The Qualifying Investor AIF must publish a prospectus, which must be dated and the essential elements of which must be kept up to date.

2. The prospectus must contain sufficient information for investors to make an informed judgement of the investment proposed to them.

3. The Qualifying Investor AIF must where relevant comply with Regulation 24 of the AIFM Regulations regarding disclosure to unitholders obligations. The information set out in Regulation 24(1) to (3) of the AIFM Regulations, which AIFMs are required to make available to prospective investors before they invest, must be disclosed in a Qualifying Investor AIF's prospectus. For Regulations 24(1)(k), (m) and (n), the prospectus can disclose where the relevant documentation or information is available.

4. The Qualifying Investor AIF must offer, free of charge, the prospectus to every prospective unitholder before a contract for the acquisition of units is entered into.

5. The Qualifying Investor AIF shall ensure that wher