Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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ii. Credit granting, monitoring and management

1. The loan originating Qualifying Investor AIF shall establish and implement appropriate, documented and regularly updated procedures, policies and processes for each of the following:

Risk appetite statement;

The assessment, pricing and granting of credit (including criteria, governance and decision making, committee structures);

Credit monitoring, renewal and refinancing (including criteria, governance and decision making committee structures);

Collateral management policy;

Concentration risk management policy;

Valuation, including collateral valuation and impairment;

Credit monitoring;

Identification of problem debt management;


Delegated authority;

Documentation and security.

2. The loan originating Qualifying Investor AIF shall ensure that:

(a) credit-granting is based on sound and well-defined criteria and that the process for approving, amending, renewing and re-financing credits is clearly established;

(b) subject to para