Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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viii. Disclosure

1. The prospectus and all sales material issued or distributed in respect of a loan originating Qualifying Investor AIF must include a prominent risk warning which draws attention to the unique risks which arise from loan origination and how investment in a loan originating investment fund is not guaranteed and is subject to the possibility of investment losses and illiquidity. In addition, the prospectus must include:

(a) Information on the risk and reward profile to enable investors identify the specific risks linked to a loan origination strategy;

(b) Information on the extent to which the loan originating Qualifying Investor AIF intends to be concentrated as regards individual entities, geographical locations and sectors and risk arising from the proposed concentrations;

(c) Details of the credit assessment and monitoring process set out in paragraph 1 of section ii Credit granting, monitoring and management above;

(d) Information on whether the AIFM will provide unitholders or pot