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Version date: 19 April 2023 - onwards
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3. Interpretation.

(1) In this Act -

"Act of 1942" means the Central Bank Act 1942;

"authorised officer" means an authorised officer appointed under Part 3 of the Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Act 2013;

"cessation date" means the last day on which section 33B of the Act of 1942 is in operation;

"financial services legislation" means - (a) the designated enactments, (b) the designated statutory instruments, and (c) the Central Bank Acts 1942 to 2013 and statutory instruments made under those Acts.

(2) An expression used in this Act and also in the Act of 1942 has, unless the contrary intention appears, the same meaning in this Act as in the Act of 1942.

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