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54. Co-operation with Member State authorities or third country authorities.

(1) In this section "Member State authority or third country authority" means an authority in a jurisdiction other than that of the State duly authorised to perform functions similar to any one or more of the statutory functions of the Bank.

(2) At the request of a Member State authority or a third country authority to do so in relation to any matter, the Bank may -

(a) require information on the matter about which the Bank has required or could require the provision of information or the production of documents under any provision of financial services legislation, or

(b) authorise one or more than one authorised officer to exercise any of his or her powers for the purposes of investigating the matter.

(3) In deciding whether or not to exercise any of its powers under subsection (2), the Bank may take into account in particular:

(a) whether in the country or territory of the Member State authority or third country authority, corresponding assistance would be given to an authority duly

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