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Version date: 1 January 2018 - onwards
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Schedule 2, Part 5 Amendments of Consumer Protection Act 2007

Section 15(5).


Provision affected



Section 3(2)

Delete "Every regulation", substitute "Subject to section 24B(5), every regulation".


Section 8(3)

After paragraph (h), insert:

"(ha) shall promote the interests of consumers of financial services by—

(i) providing information in relation to financial services, including information in relation to the costs to consumers, and the risks and benefits associated with the provision of those services, and

(ii) promoting the development of financial education and capability,".



After section 8, insert:

"Supplementary powers of Agency with respect to carrying out certain responsibilities.

8A.—(1) To enable the Agency to perform the functions set out in section 8(3)(ha), the Agency may—

(a) undertake studies, analyses and surveys with respect to the provision of relevant financial services to consumers,

(b) collect and compile information for that purpose, and

(c) publish the results of an

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