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Version date: 1 October 2010 - onwards
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10. Information in possession of Regulatory Authority.

(1) On the day after the cessation date, the records of the Regulatory Authority and information that was, on the cessation date, in the possession of the Regulatory Authority come into the possession of the Bank.

(2) The Bank has the same rights, powers, duties and obligations in relation to records and information referred to in subsection (1) as the Regulatory Authority had on the cessation date.

(3) In particular, without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2), the Bank -

(a) may have regard, in carrying out its regulatory functions under the Act of 1942 as amended by this Act, to any record or information referred to in subsection (1),

(b) specifically, may have regard to any such record or information for the purpose of deciding whether a person may have committed an offence (whether against the Central Bank Acts 1942 to 2010 or any other law), and

(c) has the same powers and obligations to deal with such records and information (including that of disclosing such informati

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