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41. Head of Financial Regulation to prepare report.

(1) Where the Head of Financial Regulation has completed an investigation under this Chapter, he or she shall, after considering -

(a) the notice under section 25A(1),

(b) any relevant information or evidence gathered or received by the Head of Financial Regulation in the course of the investigation, and

(c) any response made by the person to whom the investigation relates in accordance with a statement referred to in section 25A(2)(c), and any other relevant submission or statement made by the person in the course of the investigation,

as soon as practicable prepare a draft report of the investigation.

(2) The Head of Financial Regulation shall, as soon as practicable after preparing the draft report, serve on the person whose fitness and probity was the subject of the investigation, and any regulated financial service provider or holding company concerned -

(a) a copy of the draft report,

(b) a copy of this section, and

(c) a notice in writing stating that the person, and any regulat

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