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Version date: 1 August 2013 - onwards
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57. Appointment of authorised officers.

Repealed from 1 August 2013

(1) For the purposes of obtaining any information necessary for the performance by the Bank of its functions under financial services legislation relating to the proper and effective regulation of financial service providers, the Bank may appoint any of its officers or employees or other suitably qualified persons to be authorised officers and to exercise any of the powers conferred by this Part.

(2) The Bank may revoke any appointment made by it under subsection (1).

(3) An appointment or revocation under this section shall be in writing.

(4) A person’s appointment by the Bank as an authorised officer ceases on the earlier of -

(a) the revocation by the Bank of the appointment,

(b) in a case where the appointment is for a specified period, the expiration of the period,

(c) on the person’s resignation from the appointment, and

(d) in the case where the person is an officer or employee of the Bank -

(i) on the resignation of the person as an officer or employee of the Bank, or

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