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Version date: 1 August 2013 - onwards
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55. Definitions (Part 5).

Repealed from 1 August 2013

(1) In this Part -

"agent", in relation to a person to whom this Part applies, includes a past as well as a present agent and includes the person’s banker, accountant, solicitor, auditor and financial or other adviser, whether or not a person to whom this Part applies;

"authorisation" means an authorisation, licence or any other permission required to carry on business as a regulated financial service provider granted by the Bank pursuant to any provision of financial services legislation, and includes registration;

"customer", in relation to a regulated financial service provider, means - (a) any person to whom the regulated financial service provider provides or offers financial services, or (b) any person who requests the provision of financial services from the regulated financial service provider, and includes a potential customer and a former customer;

"person to whom this Part applies" shall be read in accordance with section 56;

"prescribed contravention" ha

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