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53E. Common conduct standards.

(1) The standards referred to in section 53C(1), in the case of a person who performs a controlled function in relation to a regulated financial service provider, are -

(a) that the person acts with honesty and integrity, including -

(i) having regard to the legitimate interests of the regulated financial service provider, its staff, customers and other persons with whom it engages,

(ii) operating without bias and preventing, or identifying and appropriately managing, conflicts of interest,

(iii) not exerting pressure or influence on a customer so as to limit his or her ability to make an informed choice in relation to any financial service,

(iv) not misusing or misappropriating any assets or information of the regulated financial service provider or its customers, and

(v) reporting appropriately, and not impeding others from reporting, to the management of the regulated financial service provider -

(I) information relevant to, or giving rise to a suspicion of, the commission of a pres

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