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31. Court's power to extend validity of suspension notices.

(1) During the period of validity of a suspension notice that has been confirmed by the Head of Financial Regulation, the Head of Financial Regulation may apply to the Court, on notice to the suspended person and any regulated financial service provider or holding company on which the notice was served, for an order extending the period of validity of the notice.

(2) If the Court is satisfied, having regard to the reasons for the issue and confirmation of the notice stated by the Head of Financial Regulation, that there are sufficient grounds to extend the period of validity of the notice, the Court may extend the notice for such further period (but not longer than a further 6 months) as the Court orders.

(2A) The making of an order under subsection (2) does not prevent the making of a further order.

(2B) Subject to subsection (2C), orders under subsection (2) shall not in total extend a suspension notice for more than 24 months from the end of the period of 6 months referred to in sec

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