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Article 7 Application for authorisation

1. Member States shall require that AIFMs apply for authorisation from the competent authorities of their home Member State.

2. Member States shall require that an AIFM applying for an authorisation provides the following information relating to the AIFM to the competent authorities of its home Member State:

(a) information about the persons effectively conducting the business of the AIFM, in particular with regard to the functions referred to in Annex I, including:

(i) a description of the role, title and level of seniority of those persons;

(ii) a description of the reporting lines and responsibilities of those persons within and outside the AIFM;

(iii) an overview of the amount of time that each of those persons allocates to each responsibility;

(iv) a description of the human and technical resources that support the activities of those persons;

information on the persons effectively conducting the business of the AIFM;

(aa) the legal name and relevant identifier of the AIFM;

(b) in

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