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Article 35 Conditions for the marketing in the Union with a passport of a non-EU AIF managed by an EU AIFM

1. Member States shall ensure that an authorised EU AIFM may market to professional investors in the Union units or shares of non-EU AIFs it manages and of EU feeder AIFs that do not fulfil the requirements referred to in the second subparagraph of Article 31(1) as soon as the conditions laid down in this Article are met.

2. AIFMs shall comply with all the requirements established in this Directive, with the exception of Chapter VI. In addition the following conditions shall be met:

(a) appropriate cooperation arrangements must be in place between the competent authorities of the home Member State of the AIFM and the supervisory authorities of the third country where the non-EU AIF is established in order to ensure at least an efficient exchange of information, taking into account Article 50(4), that allows the competent authorities to carry out their duties in accordance with this Directive;

(b)the third country where the non-EU AIF is established is not identified as a high-risk thir

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