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Article 43a Facilities available to retail investors

1. Without prejudice to Article 26 of Regulation (EU) 2015/760, Member States shall ensure that an AIFM makes available, in each Member State where it intends to market units or shares of an AIF to retail investors, facilities to perform the following tasks:

(a) process investors' subscription, payment, repurchase and redemption orders relating to the units or shares of the AIF, in accordance with the conditions set out in the AIF's documents;

(b) provide investors with information on how orders referred to in point (a) can be made and how repurchase and redemption proceeds are paid;

(c) facilitate the handling of information relating to the exercise of investors' rights arising from their investment in the AIF in the Member State where the AIF is marketed;

(d) make the information and documents required pursuant to Articles 22 and 23 available to investors for the purposes of inspection and obtaining copies thereof;

(e) provide investors with information relevant to the tasks that the

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