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Article 15 Risk management

1. AIFMs shall functionally and hierarchically separate the functions of risk management from the operating units, including from the functions of portfolio management.

The functional and hierarchical separation of the functions of risk management in accordance with the first subparagraph shall be reviewed by the competent authorities of the home Member State of the AIFM in accordance with the principle of proportionality, on the understanding that the AIFM shall, in any event, be able to demonstrate that specific safeguards against conflicts of interest allow for the independent performance of risk management activities and that the risk management process satisfies the requirements of this Article and is consistently effective.

2. AIFMs shall implement adequate risk-management systems in order to identify, measure, manage and monitor appropriately all risks relevant to each AIF investment strategy and to which each AIF is or may be exposed. In particular, AIFMs shall not solely or me

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