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Article 8 Conditions for granting authorisation

1. The competent authorities of the home Member State of the AIFM shall not grant authorisation unless:

(a) they are satisfied that the AIFM will be able to meet the conditions of this Directive;

(b) the AIFM has sufficient initial capital and own funds in accordance with Article 9;

(c) the persons who effectively conduct the business of the AIFM are of sufficiently good repute and are sufficiently experienced also in relation to the investment strategies pursued by the AIF managed by the AIFM, the names of those persons and of every person succeeding them in the office are communicated forthwith to the competent authorities of the home Member States of the AIFM and the conduct of the business of the AIFM is decided by at least two natural persons meeting such conditions who either are employed full-time by that AIFM or are executive members or members of the governing body of the AIFM committed full-time to conducting the business of that AIFM, and who are domiciled in the Union;


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