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Article 54 Cooperation in supervisory activities

1. The competent authorities of one Member State may request the cooperation of the competent authorities of another Member State in a supervisory activity or for an on-the-spot verification or in an investigation in the territory of the latter within the framework of their powers pursuant to this Directive.

Where the competent authorities receive a request with respect to an on-the-spot verification or an investigation, it shall perform one of the following:

(a) carry out the verification or investigation itself;

(b) allow the requesting authority to carry out the verification or investigation;

(c) allow auditors or experts to carry out the verification or investigation.

2. In the case referred to in point (a) of paragraph 1 the competent authority of the Member State which has requested cooperation may ask that members of its own personnel assist the personnel carrying out the verification or investigation. The verification or investigation shall, however, be the subject of the overa

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