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Article 69-a Other review

1. By 16 April 2029 and following the report produced by ESMA in accordance with Article 7(8), the Commission shall initiate a review of the functioning of the rules laid down in this Directive and the experience acquired in applying them. That review shall include an assessment of the following aspects:

(a) the impact on financial stability of the availability and activation of liquidity management tools by AIFMs;

(b) the effectiveness of the AIFM authorisation requirements in Articles 7 and 8 as regards the delegation regime laid down in Article 20 of this Directive, in particular with regard to preventing the creation of letter-box entities in the Union;

(c) the appropriateness of the requirements applicable to AIFMs managing AIFs which originate loans laid down in Article 15 and Article 16(2a) and (2f);

(d) the functioning of the derogation allowing the appointment of a depositary established in another Member State as set out in Article 21(5a) and the potential benefits and risks,

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