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Version date: 21 July 2011 - onwards
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Article 63 Amendments to Directive 2009/65/EC

Directive 2009/65/EC is amended as follows:

(1) the following Article is inserted:

'Article 50a

In order to ensure cross-sectoral consistency and to remove misalignment between the interest of firms that repackage loans into tradable securities and other financial instruments (originators) and UCITS that invest in those securities or other financial instruments, the Commission shall adopt, by means of delegated acts in accordance with Article 112a and subject to conditions of Articles 112b and 112c, measures laying down the requirements in the following areas:

(a) the requirements that need to be met by the originator in order for a UCITS to be allowed to invest in securities or other financial instruments of this type issued after 1 January 2011, including requirements that ensure that the originator retains a net economic interest of not less than 5 %;

(b) qualitative requirements that must be met by UCITS which invest in those securities or other financial instruments.';

(2) Article

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