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Version date: 21 July 2011 - onwards
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Article 29 Specific provisions regarding the annual report of AIFs exercising control of non-listed companies

1. Member States shall require that when an AIF acquires, individually or jointly, control of a non-listed company pursuant to Article 26(1), in conjunction with paragraph 5 of that Article, the AIFM managing such an AIF shall either:

(a) request and use its best efforts to ensure that the annual report of the non-listed company drawn up in accordance with paragraph 2 is made available by the board of directors of the company to the employees' representatives or, where there are none, to the employees themselves within the period such annual report has to be drawn up in accordance with the national applicable law; or

(b) for each such AIF include in the annual report provided for in Article 22 the information referred to in paragraph 2 relating to the relevant non-listed company.

2. The additional information to be included in the annual report of the company or the AIF, in accordance with paragraph 1, shall include at least a fair review of the development of the company's business re

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