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Article 21 Depositary

1. For each AIF it manages, the AIFM shall ensure that a single depositary is appointed in accordance with this Article.

2. The appointment of the depositary shall be evidenced by written contract. The contract shall, inter alia, regulate the flow of information deemed necessary to allow the depositary to perform its functions for the AIF for which it has been appointed as depositary, as set out in this Directive and in other relevant laws, regulations or administrative provisions.

3. The depositary shall be:

(a) a credit institution having its registered office in the Union and authorised in accordance with Directive 2006/48/EC;

(b) an investment firm having its registered office in the Union, subject to capital adequacy requirements in accordance with Article 20(1) of Directive 2006/49/EC including capital requirements for operational risks and authorised in accordance with Directive 2004/39/EC and which also provides the ancillary service of safe-keeping and administration of financ

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