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Article 61 Transitional provisions

1. AIFMs performing activities under this Directive before 22 July 2013 shall take all necessary measures to comply with national law stemming from this Directive and shall submit an application for authorisation within 1 year of that date.

2. Articles 31, 32 and 33 shall not apply to the marketing of units or shares of AIFs that are subject to a current offer to the public under a prospectus that has been drawn up and published in accordance with Directive 2003/71/EC before 22 July 2013 for the duration of validity of that prospectus.

3. AIFMs in so far as they manage AIFs of the closed-ended type before 22 July 2013 which do not make any additional investments after 22 July 2013 may however continue to manage such AIFs without authorisation under this Directive.

4. AIFMs in so far as they manage AIFs of the closed-ended type whose subscription period for investors has closed prior to the entry into force of this Directive and are constituted for a period of time which expires at the

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