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Annex V Liquidity management tools available to AIFMs managing open-ended AIFs

1. Suspension of subscriptions, repurchases and redemptions: suspension of subscriptions, repurchases and redemptions means temporarily disallowing the subscription, repurchase and redemption of the fund's units or shares.

2. Redemption gate: a redemption gate means a temporary and partial restriction of the right of unit-holders or shareholders to redeem their units or shares, so that investors can only redeem a certain portion of their units or shares.

3. Extension of notice periods: the extension of notice periods means extending the period of notice that unit-holders or shareholders must give to fund managers, beyond a minimum period which is appropriate to the fund, when redeeming their units or shares.

4. Redemption fee: redemption fee means a fee, within a predetermined range that takes account of the cost of liquidity, that is paid to the fund by unit-holders or shareholders when redeeming units or shares, and that ensures that unit-holders or shareholders who remain in the fun

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