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Version date: 25 December 2019 - onwards
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Article 9 Initial capital and own funds

1. Member States shall require that an AIFM which is an internally managed AIF has an initial capital of at least EUR 300 000.

2. Where an AIFM is appointed as external manager of AIFs, the AIFM shall have an initial capital of at least EUR 125 000.

3. Where the value of the portfolios of AIFs managed by the AIFM exceeds EUR 250 million, the AIFM shall provide an additional amount of own funds. That additional amount of own funds shall be equal to 0,02 % of the amount by which the value of the portfolios of the AIFM exceeds EUR 250 million but the required total of the initial capital and the additional amount shall not, however, exceed EUR 10 million.

4. For the purpose of paragraph 3, AIFs managed by the AIFM, including AIFs for which the AIFM has delegated functions in accordance with Article 20 but excluding AIF portfolios that the AIFM is managing under delegation, shall be deemed to be the portfolios of the AIFM.

5. Irrespective of paragraph 3, the own funds of the AIFM shall nev

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