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Article 13

1. If the law of the management company's home Member State allows management companies to delegate to third parties for the purpose of a more efficient conduct of the companies' business, to carry out on their behalf one or more of their own functions, all of the following preconditions shall be complied with:

(a) the management company must inform the competent authorities of its home Member State in an appropriate manner; the competent authorities of the management company's home Member State must, without delay, transmit the information to the competent authorities of the UCITS home Member State;

(b) the mandate must not prevent the effectiveness of supervision over the management company, and, in particular, must not prevent the management company from acting, or the UCITS from being managed, in the best interests of its investors;

(c) when the delegation concerns the investment management, the mandate must be given only to undertakings which are authorised or registered for the p