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Article 60

1. Member States shall require that the master UCITS provide the feeder UCITS with all documents and information necessary for the latter to meet the requirements laid down in this Directive. For this purpose, the feeder UCITS shall enter into an agreement with the master UCITS.

The feeder UCITS shall not invest in excess of the limit applicable under Article 55(1) in units of that master UCITS until the agreement referred to in the first subparagraph has become effective. That agreement shall be made available, on request and free of charge, to all unit-holders.

In the event that both master and feeder UCITS are managed by the same management company, the agreement may be replaced by internal conduct of business rules ensuring compliance with the requirements set out in this paragraph.

2. The master and the feeder UCITS shall take appropriate measures to coordinate the timing of their net asset value calculation and publication in order to avoid market timing in their units, preventin