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Article 20

1. Without prejudice to Article 5, a management company which applies to manage a UCITS established in another Member State shall provide the competent authorities of the UCITS home Member State with the following documentation:

(a) the written contract with the depositary referred to in Article 22(2);

(b) information on delegation arrangements regarding functions of investment management and administration referred to in Annex II.

If a management company already manages other UCITS of the same type in the UCITS home Member State, reference to the documentation already provided shall be sufficient.

2. In so far as it is necessary to ensure compliance with the rules for which they are responsible, the competent authorities of the UCITS home Member State may ask the competent authorities of the management company's home Member State for clarification and information regarding the documentation referred to in paragraph 1 and, based on the attestation referred to in Articles 17 and 18, as