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Article 61

1. Member States shall require that, if the master and the feeder UCITS have different depositaries, those depositaries enter into an information-sharing agreement in order to ensure the fulfilment of the duties of both depositaries.

The feeder UCITS shall not invest in units of the master UCITS until such agreement has become effective.

Where they comply with the requirements laid down in this Chapter, neither the depositary of the master UCITS nor that of the feeder UCITS shall be found to be in breach of any rules that restrict the disclosure of information or relate to data protection where such rules are provided for in a contract or in a law, regulation or administrative provision. Such compliance shall not give rise to any liability on the part of such depositary or any person acting on its behalf.

Member States shall require that the feeder UCITS or, when applicable, the management company of the feeder UCITS be in charge of communicating to the depositary of the feeder UCITS a