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Version date: 7 December 2009 - onwards
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Article 45

1. The laws of Member States shall provide that unit-holders of both the merging and the receiving UCITS have the right to request, without any charge other than those retained by the UCITS to meet disinvestment costs, the repurchase or redemption of their units or, where possible, to convert them into units in another UCITS with similar investment policies and managed by the same management company or by any other company with which the management company is linked by common management or control, or by a substantial direct or indirect holding. That right shall become effective from the moment that the unitholders of the merging UCITS and those of the receiving UCITS, have been informed of the proposed merger in accordance with Article 43 and shall cease to exist five working days before the date for calculating the exchange ratio referred to in Article 47(1).

2. Without prejudice to paragraph 1, for mergers between UCITS and by way of derogation from Article 84(1), Member States may