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Version date: 1 July 2011 - onwards
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Article 29

1. Without prejudice to other conditions of general application laid down by national law, the competent authorities of the investment company's home Member State shall not grant authorisation to an investment company that has not designated a management company unless the investment company has a sufficient initial capital of at least EUR 300 000.

In addition, when an investment company has not designated a management company authorised pursuant to this Directive, the following conditions shall apply:

(a) the authorisation must not be granted unless the application for authorisation is accompanied by a programme of operations setting out, at least, the organisational structure of the investment company;

(b) the directors of the investment company must be of sufficiently good repute and be sufficiently experienced also in relation to the type of business pursued by the investment company and, to that end: the names of the directors and of every person succeeding them in office must be