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Article 55

1. A UCITS may acquire the units of UCITS or other collective investment undertakings referred to in Article 50(1)(e), provided that no more than 10 % of its assets are invested in units of a single UCITS or other collective investment undertaking. Member States may raise that limit to a maximum of 20 %.

2. Investments made in units of collective investment undertakings other than UCITS shall not exceed, in aggregate, 30 % of the assets of the UCITS.

Member States may, where a UCITS has acquired units of another UCITS or collective investment undertakings, provide that the assets of the respective UCITS or other collective investment undertakings are not required to be combined for the purposes of the limits laid down in Article 52.

3. Where a UCITS invests in the units of other UCITS or collective investment undertakings that are managed, directly or by delegation, by the same management company or by any other company with which the management company is linked by common management o