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Article 64

1. Member States shall require that a feeder UCITS which already pursues activities as a UCITS, including those of a feeder UCITS of a different master UCITS, shall provide the following information to its unit-holders:

(a) a statement that the competent authorities of the feeder UCITS home Member State approved the investment of the feeder UCITS in units of such master UCITS;

(b) the key investor information referred to in Article 78 concerning the feeder and the master UCITS;

(c) the date when the feeder UCITS is to start to invest in the master UCITS or, if it has already invested therein, the date when its investment will exceed the limit applicable under Article 55(1); and

(d) a statement that the unit-holders have the right to request within 30 days the repurchase or redemption of their units without any charges other than those retained by the UCITS to cover disinvestment costs; that right shall become effective from the moment the feeder UCITS has provided the information refer