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Article 84

1. A UCITS shall repurchase or redeem its units at the request of any unit-holder.

2. By way of derogation from paragraph 1:

(a) a UCITS may, in accordance with the applicable national law, the fund rules or the instruments of incorporation of the investment company, temporarily suspend the repurchase or redemption of its units;

(b) a UCITS home Member State may allow its competent authorities to require the suspension of the repurchase or redemption of units in the interest of the unit-holders or of the public.

The temporary suspension referred to in point (a) of the first subparagraph shall be provided for only in exceptional cases where circumstances so require and where suspension is justified having regard to the interests of the unit-holders.

3. In the event of a temporary suspension under paragraph 2(a), a UCITS shall, without delay, communicate its decision to its home Member State competent authorities and to the competent authorities of all Member States in which it markets i