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Version date: 7 December 2009 - onwards
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Article 39

1. Mergers shall be subject to prior authorisation by the competent authorities of the merging UCITS home Member State.

2. The merging UCITS shall provide the following information to the competent authorities of its home Member State:

(a) the common draft terms of the proposed merger duly approved by the merging UCITS and the receiving UCITS;

(b) an up-to-date version of the prospectus and the key investor information, referred to in Article 78, of the receiving UCITS, if established in another Member State;

(c) a statement by each of the depositaries of the merging and the receiving UCITS confirming that, in accordance with Article 41, they have verified compliance of the particulars set out in points (a), (f) and (g) of Article 40(1) with the requirements of this Directive and the fund rules or instruments of incorporation of their respective UCITS; and

(d) the information on the proposed merger that the merging and the receiving UCITS intend to provide to their respective unit-hold