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Article 93

1. If a UCITS proposes to market its units in a Member State other than its home Member State, it shall first submit a notification letter to the competent authorities of its home Member State.

The notification letter shall include information on arrangements made for marketing units of the UCITS in the host Member State, including, where relevant, in respect of share classes. In the context of Article 16(1), it shall include an indication that the UCITS is marketed by the management company that manages the UCITS.

The notification letter shall also include the details necessary, including the address, for the invoicing or for the communication of any applicable regulatory fees or charges by the competent authorities of the host Member State and information on the facilities for performing the tasks referred to in Article 92(1).

2. A UCITS shall enclose with the notification letter, as referred to in paragraph 1, the latest version of the following:

(a) its fund rules or its instrument