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Article 93a

1. Member States shall ensure that a UCITS may de-notify arrangements made for marketing as regards units, including, where relevant, in respect of share classes, in a Member State in respect of which it has made a notification in accordance with Article 93, where all the following conditions are fulfilled:

(a) a blanket offer is made to repurchase or redeem, free of any charges or deductions, all such units held by investors in that Member State, is publicly available for at least 30 working days, and is addressed, directly or through financial intermediaries, individually to all investors in that Member State whose identity is known;

(b) the intention to terminate arrangements made for marketing such units in that Member State is made public by means of a publicly available medium, including by electronic means, which is customary for marketing UCITS and suitable for a typical UCITS investor;

(c) any contractual arrangements with financial intermediaries or delegates are modified or