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Version date: 7 December 2009 - onwards
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Article 63

1. Member States shall require that, in addition to the information provided for in Schedule A of Annex I, the prospectus of the feeder UCITS contains the following information:

(a) a declaration that the feeder UCITS is a feeder of a particular master UCITS and as such permanently invests 85 % or more of its assets in units of that master UCITS;

(b) the investment objective and policy, including the risk profile and whether the performance of the feeder and the master UCITS are identical, or to what extent and for which reasons they differ, including a description of investment made in accordance with Article 58(2);

(c) a brief description of the master UCITS, its organisation, its investment objective and policy, including the risk profile, and an indication of how the prospectus of the master UCITS may be obtained;

(d) a summary of the agreement entered into between the feeder UCITS and the master UCITS or of the internal conduct of business rules pursuant to Article 60(1);

(e) how