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Article 9 Calculation of own funds

1. Notwithstanding the initial capital requirements set out in Article 7, Member States shall require payment institu­tions, except those offering only services as referred to in point (7) or (8), or both, of Annex I, to hold, at all times, own funds calculated in accordance with one of the following three methods, as determined by the competent authorities in accordance with national legislation:

 Method A

The payment institution's own funds shall amount to at least 10 % of its fixed overheads of the preceding year. The competent authorities may adjust that requirement in the event of a material change in a payment institution's business since the preceding year. Where a payment institution has not completed a full year's business at the date of the calculation, the requirement shall be that its own funds amount to at least 10 % of the corresponding fixed overheads as projected in its business plan, unless an adjustment to that plan is required by the competent authorities.