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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 42 Derogation from information requirements for low-value payment instruments and electronic money

1. In cases of payment instruments which, according to the relevant framework contract, concern only individual payment transactions that do not exceed EUR 30 or that either have a spending limit of EUR 150 or store funds that do not exceed EUR 150 at any time:

(a) by way of derogation from Articles 51, 52 and 56, the payment service provider shall provide the payer only with information on the main characteristics of the payment service, including the way in which the payment instrument can be used, liability, charges levied and other material information needed to take an informed decision as well as an indication of where any other information and conditions specified in Article 52 are made available in an easily accessible manner;

(b) it may be agreed that, by way of derogation from Article 54, the payment service provider is not required to propose changes to the conditions of the framework contract in the same way as provided for in Article 51(1);

(c) it may be agreed that, by wa