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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 54 Changes in conditions of the framework contract

1. Any changes in the framework contract or in the information and conditions specified in Article 52 shall be proposed by the payment service provider in the same way as provided for in Article 51(1) and no later than 2 months before their proposed date of application. The payment service user can either accept or reject the changes before the date of their proposed date of entry into force.

Where applicable in accordance with point (6)(a) of Article 52, the payment service provider shall inform the payment service user that it is to be deemed to have accepted those changes if it does not notify the payment service provider before the proposed date of their entry into force that they are not accepted. The payment service provider shall also inform the payment service user that, in the event that the payment service user rejects those changes, the payment service user has the right to terminate the framework contract free of charge and with effect at any time until the date when the ch