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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 19 Use of agents, branches or entities to which activities are outsourced

1. Where a payment institution intends to provide payment services through an agent it shall communicate the following information to the competent authorities in its home Member State:

(a) the name and address of the agent;

(b) a description of the internal control mechanisms that will be used by the agent in order to comply with the obligations in relation to money laundering and terrorist financing under Directive (EU) 2015/849, to be updated without delay in the event of material changes to the particulars communicated at the initial notification;

(c) the identity of directors and persons responsible for the management of the agent to be used in the provision of payment services and, for agents other than payment service providers, evidence that they are fit and proper persons;

(d) the payment services of the payment institution for which the agent is mandated; and

(e) where applicable, the unique identification code or number of the agent.

2. Within 2 months of receipt of the info