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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 74 Payer's liability for unauthorised payment transactions

1. By way of derogation from Article 73, the payer may be obliged to bear the losses relating to any unauthorised payment transactions, up to a maximum of EUR 50, resulting from the use of a lost or stolen payment instrument or from the misappropriation of a payment instrument.

The first subparagraph shall not apply if:

(a) the loss, theft or misappropriation of a payment instrument was not detectable to the payer prior to a payment, except where the payer has acted fraudulently; or

(b) the loss was caused by acts or lack of action of an employee, agent or branch of a payment service provider or of an entity to which its activities were outsourced.

The payer shall bear all of the losses relating to any unauthorised payment transactions if they were incurred by the payer acting fraudulently or failing to fulfil one or more of the obligations set out in Article 69 with intent or gross negligence. In such cases, the maximum amount referred to in the first subparagraph shall not apply.