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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 45 Information and conditions

1. Member States shall ensure that the following information and conditions are provided or made available by the payment service provider to the payment service user:

(a) a specification of the information or unique identifier to be provided by the payment service user in order for a payment order to be properly initiated or executed;

(b) the maximum execution time for the payment service to be provided;

(c) all charges payable by the payment service user to the payment service provider and, where applicable, a breakdown of those charges;

(d) where applicable, the actual or reference exchange rate to be applied to the payment transaction.

2. In addition, Member States shall ensure that payment initiation service providers shall, prior to initiation, provide the payer with, or make available to the payer, the following clear and comprehensive information:

(a) the name of the payment initiation service provider, the geographical address of its head office and, where applicable, the geog