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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 46 Information for the payer and payee after the initiation of a payment order

In addition to the information and conditions specified in Article 45, where a payment order is initiated through a payment initiation service provider, the payment initiation service provider shall, immediately after initiation, provide or make available all of the following data to the payer and, where applicable, the payee:

(a) confirmation of the successful initiation of the payment order with the payer's account servicing payment service provider;

(b) a reference enabling the payer and the payee to identify the payment transaction and, where appropriate, the payee to identify the payer, and any information transferred with the payment transaction;

(c) the amount of the payment transaction;

(d) where applicable, the amount of any charges payable to the payment initiation service provider for the transaction, and where applicable a breakdown of the amounts of such charges.