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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 44 Prior general information

1. Member States shall require that before the payment service user is bound by a single payment service contract or offer, the payment service provider makes available to the payment service user, in an easily accessible manner, the information and conditions specified in Article 45 with regard to its own services. At the payment service user's request, the payment service provider shall provide the information and conditions on paper or on another durable medium. The information and conditions shall be given in easily understandable words and in a clear and comprehensible form, in an official language of the Member State where the payment service is offered or in any other language agreed between the parties.

2. If the single payment service contract has been concluded at the request of the payment service user using a means of distance communication which does not enable the payment service provider to comply with paragraph 1, the payment service provider shall fulfil its obligation