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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 66 Rules on access to payment account in the case of payment initiation services

1. Member States shall ensure that a payer has the right to make use of a payment initiation service provider to obtain payment services as referred to in point (7) of Annex I. The right to make use of a payment initiation service provider shall not apply where the payment account is not accessible online.

2. When the payer gives its explicit consent for a payment to be executed in accordance with Article 64, the account servicing payment service provider shall perform the actions specified in paragraph 4 of this Article in order to ensure the payer's right to use the payment initiation service.

3. The payment initiation service provider shall:

(a) not hold at any time the payer's funds in connection with the provision of the payment initiation service;

(b) ensure that the personalised security credentials of the payment service user are not, with the exception of the user and the issuer of the personalised security credentials, accessible to other parties and that they are transmitted