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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 109 Transitional provision

1. Member States shall allow payment institutions that have taken up activities in accordance with the national law transposing Directive 2007/64/EC by 13 January 2018, to continue those activities in accordance with the requirements provided for in Directive 2007/64/EC without being required to seek authorisation in accordance with Article 5 of this Directive or to comply with the other provisions laid down or referred to in Title II of this Directive until 13 July 2018.

Member States shall require such payment institutions to submit all relevant information to the competent authorities in order to allow the latter to assess, by 13 July 2018, whether those payment institutions comply with the requirements laid down in Title II and, if not, which measures need to be taken in order to ensure compliance or whether a withdrawal of authorisation is appropriate.

Payment institutions which upon verification by the competent authorities comply with the requirements laid down in Title II shall