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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 15 EBA register

1. EBA shall develop, operate and maintain an electronic, central register that contains the information as notified by the competent authorities in accordance with paragraph 2. EBA shall be responsible for the accurate presentation of that information.

EBA shall make the register publicly available on its website, and shall allow for easy access to and easy search for the information listed, free of charge.

2. Competent authorities shall, without delay, notify EBA of the information entered in their public registers as referred to in Article 14 in a language customary in the field of finance.

3. Competent authorities shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information specified in paragraph 2 and for keeping that information up-to-date.

4. EBA shall develop draft regulatory technical standards setting technical requirements on development, operation and maintenance of the electronic central register and on access to the information contained therein. The technical requirements sh