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Version date: 2 July 2014 - onwards
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Article 8 Assessment of group recovery plans

1. The consolidating supervisor shall, together with the competent authorities of subsidiaries, after consulting the competent authorities referred to in Article 116 of Directive 2013/36/EU and with the competent authorities of significant branches insofar as is relevant to the significant branch, review the group recovery plan and assess the extent to which it satisfies the requirements and criteria laid down in Articles 6 and 7. That assessment shall be made in accordance with the procedure established in Article 6 and with this Article and shall take into account the potential impact of the recovery measures on financial stability in all the Member States where the group operates.

2. The consolidating supervisor and the competent authorities of subsidiaries shall endeavour to reach a joint decision on:

(a) the review and assessment of the group recovery plan;

(b) whether a recovery plan on an individual basis shall be drawn up for institutions that are part of the group; and

(c) the